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Brooke~ 2016 Ord, Ne. Senior

I absolutely love when people travel from out of town to have me take their photographs! I love getting to know my clients and learning what it is that they want when they come to me! For Brooke, I knew she was drawn to the scenery and locations I portray in my gallery. We talked about how she wanted to incorporate softball into her photographs and her parents wanted a family portrait before she heads off to college! They wanted to know if they could include Ivy, their yellow lab in their family picture, ABSOLUTELY! I love when people incorporate their furry family~ although they don't always cooperate, sometimes they are no different than a two year old toddler, you'd be surprised how often I get what their vision is for that portrait and they are often some of my most favorite! Ivy was extremely well mannered and we managed to keep her out of the river~ not easy for a lab!! Brooke~ I wish you a successful senior year and only the best as you venture off to college! I thank you for choosing me to capture this exciting time in your life! For those of you interested in having me capture your senior photographs, give me a call or shoot me a message, I'd love to chat and see what you want to capture!

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