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Happy 41 years old to me!

Wow!! Another year has gone by. Seriously they go by soo fast! I get soo many inquiries about sessions and everyone wants the digital files so I thought hey all give you all a deal. So here it is. This will be live until the end of day January 21 my happy birthday!! I will randomly draw the winners on Friday January 22. These are huge discounts! I am a firm believer in products on the wall so I NEVER offer just digital files. You will be more than welcome to purchase additional products to hang on the wall from my lab, but you do not have to. I will be offering a discounted price sheet for the winners to do so if they choose! Please follow all the guidelines: LIKE my facebook page, COMMENT which session you are interested in under the original facebook post, & SHARE to get the word out- you all are my advertising and I thank all of you for recommending me to your friends! It must be used in 2016! 1/2 the session fee must be paid for by January 31,2016 or I will choose a new winner.. Just an FYI most sessions will have between 20-25 photographs.

Some exclusions apply: It can not be used for a previously purchased session.

Please do not comment if you already have a session lined up with another phtographer...

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