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Jaden~ 2017 Senior

It's amazing what plan the big guy upstairs might have for you.. I've known Jaden for 6 years now and back then I wasn't taking photographs... So, it really is hard for me to wrap my mind around how much has changed in my own life in these past few years... With that being said, knowing Jaden from a personal stand point it was really easy to photograph him! We really had about 3 hours of running around to different spots that complimented his clothing choices and laughed a lot. We had fun! So Jaden, thanks for choosing me to take your senior pictures. I hope I made it fun for you and the experience pretty stress free. I hope as you embark on this new journey, you'll be true to yourself... you may not know the path you are supposed to take, just listen to your heart, make the best judgement you can at the time and trust in the higher power... I'm sure you will do great things!! Thank you for being amazing friends and trusting me to capture you just as you are right now! It's been amazing watching you grow up!

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